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Use your tokens to order high end graphics cards or ASIC miners from our online store
* Starting from the 1st of January 2024

– Guaranteed wholesale pricing, 20 to 30% less than MSRP & retail pricing for GPUT holders only
– Guaranteed profit
– Fast free shipping
– Delivery on time
– Tested hardware with warranty

Keep your tokens in cold storage & exchange them back to USDT & USDC
* Starting from the 1st of March 2024

– Risk-free investment
– Guaranteed profit
– No need for trading or exchanges
– Up to 120% return rate
– Direct exchange on our website or with the help of our team

Example of expected graphics cards prices for GPUT holders
  • ASUS TUF-RTX4090-O24G-GAMING Less than 1600 USD
  • MSI GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM LIQUID X 24G Less than 1550 USD
  • Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G Less than 1500 USD
  • MSI RTX 4090 GAMING TRIO 24G graphics card Less than 1500 USD
  • ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4080 16GB GDDR6X OC Edition Less than 1400 USD
  • ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3090 Ti AMP Extreme Holo Less than 1000 USD
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Less than 650 USD
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Less than 450 USD
  • BITMAIN ANTMINER S19 (95TH) Less than 3500 USD
  • BITMAIN ANTMINER S19 XP Less than 6000 USD
  • BITMAIN ANTMINER KA3 (166TH) Less than 10000 USD

Problem & Solution

GPUT tokens aim to solve two main problems

First problem: High prices of graphics cards and ASIC miners/ shortage of product


Second problem: Investing in crypto without taking the risk of trading like volatile markets & black swan events


Our Solution

Our GPUT project targets two categories of customers:

-Those who are interested in buying high end graphics cards or ASIC miners at wholesale pricing for personal use or for reselling them

-Those who look for a guaranteed investment in cryptocurrency without taking the risk of trading & volatile markets

Our company will benefit on its turn from this project by exploring new strategies, extending our capital & reaching new markets.

Token Sale info

Our presale is already open with the highest bonus rate of 20%. Our ICO has three phases with different bonus rates ranging from 4 to 10%

Presale start

January 6, 2023 (12:05AM UTC)

Presale end

April 30, 2023 (11:59 PM UTC)

Phase 1 start

May 1, 2023 (12:05AM UTC)

Phase 1 end

May 31, 2023 (11:59 PM UTC)

Phase 2 start

June 1, 2023 (12:05AM UTC)

Phase 2 end

June 30, 2023 (11:59 PM UTC)

Phase 3 start

July 1, 2023 (12:05 AM UTC)

Phase 3 end

July 31, 2023 (11:59 PM UTC)

Online Store launching date

January 01, 2024 (12.05 AM UTC)

Exchanging tokens to USDT start

March 01, 2024 (12.05 AM UTC)

Number of tokens for presale

50.000.000 GPUT (5%)

Number of tokens for sale

300.000.000 GPUT (30%)

Tokens exchange rate

1 GPUT = 1 USDT = 1 USDC

Acceptable currencies


Minimum tokens order

500 GPUT

Maximum tokens per user per transaction

1 million GPUT


Not Required



Token standard


Smart contract address

Token validity

5 years (Until April 2028)

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
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Bonus % Per Phase

  • Bonus %

Tokens for sale per Phase

  • Presale
  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

Risk-free Return on Investment (ROI) % per months**

  • Profit rate

*Those who choose to keep their tokens and not use them to buy graphics cards or ASIC miners can exchange them back to USDT or USDC starting from the 1st of March 2024. Profit starts from 60% and can reach 100% excluding bonus.

Total tokens allocation

Presale Tokens 50M
ICO tokens 300M
Bonus 31M
Marketing 30M
Private investments & partnerships 350M
Reserve 239M

How to buy GPUT tokens


You can easily buy GPU Tokens from our website by following these steps:

  • Register an account, No KYC is required. There are only restrictions on some countries to where we cannot send our products. The residents of these countries can still buy GPU tokens & exchange them back to USDT or USDC. Fo more information, please check our whitepaper.
  • Specify your receiving address, it must be on the Ethereum blockchain, ERC20 compatible.
  • Once you are registered check the ICO phase status.
  • Place an order once the selling starts or wait till the next phase if all tokens are sold in the current phase.
  • Make your payment and check carefully your receiving address, your payment address & the right blockchain.
  • Once we receive your payment, you will get your tokens within 24 hours during the presale phase starting from the 20th of March 2023 & within 48 hours during the 3 ICO phases.
  • You will also get your bonus tokens depending on the sales phase.

The Roadmap

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

December 2010

Start of the DOGA Electronics company with a capital of 50 M USD

October 2015

Extending our capital to reach 200 million USD

May 2016

Focusing more on graphics cards & extending our markets

January 2019

New local & regional partnerships

May 2019

Extending our capital to reach 300 million USD

June 2019

Introducing the idea of investing in cryptocurrencies

December 2019

Analyzing the market & establishing a business plan

March 2020

Start of the development of our GPUT project

April 2021

Start of the Preparation for the ICO Token Sale

January 2023

Launching Token presale

April 2023

Launching our ICO phase 1

May 2023

Launching our ICO phase 2

June 2024

Launching our ICO phase 3

June 2023

End of ICO

January 2024

Launching our online store BEASTGPU & start accepting orders from GPUT holders and regular customers

March 2024

Opening the door for GPUT holders to exchange their tokens to USDT & USDC

Our Company & Online store

Our company DOGA Electronics LLC has specialized in trading home appliances, electronic devices & computer parts since 2010. We then have focused more on graphics cards and ASIC miners since 2016 and we succeeded to grow our capital to reach more than 350 million USD.

Our new goal is to develop our capital to reach more than one billion USD by changing our trading model and installing our online store dedicated to sell graphic cards, ASIC miners & other computer parts & gadgets in order to deal directly with end consumers instead of wholesale only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers for FAQ. If you have any other question, please get in touch with our team.

GPUT is a token dedicated to buy high end graphics cards or ASIC miners. Investors also can keep their tokens and earn high return rates by exchanging them later to USDT & USDC.

Our project is legit and guaranteed. We are a company founded in 2010 in Dubai and we operate under the laws & regulations of the UAE.

You need to create an account and place your order. For more info see : how to buy.

A percentage of GPUT tokens (30 million) is allocated for marketing. If you think you can help us with our marketing campaign, contact us via email or WhatsApp to discuss your offer.

One presale phase with 20% bonus and three ICO phases with bonus rates from 4 to 10%.

Each phase has a different bonus rate; presale offers 20% bonus vs 10% bonus for phase 1, 7% for phase 2 and 4% for phase 3.

No KYC is required to buy our tokens. The only restriction we have is sending our products to certain countries. Residents of these countries can still buy GPU tokens, keep them until the first of March 2024 and exchange them back to USDT & USDC to get a high return on investment that can reach more than 100%.

Your personal data are safe, we will not share them with any third party and we will keep them offline. We use this data for transactions only.

During presale, you will receive your tokens within 24 hours. During the 3 ICO phases, you will receive your tokens within 48 hours from your payment.

You can use your tokens once we launch our online store ( official launching will be on the 1st of January 2024. You can use them to order high end graphics cards & ASIC miners and/or exchange them back to USDT & USDC with the corresponding return rate starting from the 1st of March 2024.

After you receive your tokens, you can send them to any address or person you want.

Minimum order is 1000 GPUT due to the current prices of high-end graphic cards. Maximum order per transaction is one million GPUT.

5 Years, they expire on March 2028. You have to use them before this date.

Store your tokens using safe methods like cold storage (offline wallets) and make sure you can always restore your private keys.

We are not responsible for the loss of your tokens. We can not assist you in this issue.

We only accept USDT or USDC.

Make sure you made your payment to the right address and chose the right blockchain and network. In case you did not make any mistake, contact us directly via WhatsApp.

Get In Touch

Any question? Email us using the form or contact us by phone, WhatsApp or Telegram.